Fact Sheet: Selected Caregiver Statistics

Posted On June 29th 2013

Fact Sheet: Selected Caregiver Statistics

The Selected Caregiver Statistics fact sheet has been reformatted to enable more frequent updates due to the high volume of information now available from surveys, research and policy studies. Each statistic will contain the citation and the date of entry into the Selected Caregiver Statistics Fact Sheet for ease of use. Some key studies, while older, will remain until updates become available if the information is viewed as a critical or unique finding. Updates will continue on a rolling basis as new statistical information becomes available. All statistics will start with the FCA update: November 2012, and will be "date-stamped" as to month and year of placement on the Selected Caregiver Statistics Fact Sheet.


For our purposes, a caregiver is an unpaid individual (a spouse, partner, family member, friend, or neighbor) involved in assisting others with activities of daily living and/or medical tasks. Formal caregivers are paid care providers providing care in one's home or in a care setting (daycare, residential, care facility, etc).

Who are the Informal Caregivers?

Although there may appear to be wide discrepancies in estimates of the number of informal caregivers in the U.S., the figures cited below reflect variations in the definitions and criteria used in each study, e.g., age of care recipients surveyed or relationship of caregiver to care recipient.

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