Clothes Encounter...

Posted On June 29th 2013

For caregiver, dressing a loved one with dementia can be a dreaded event. Its often physically demanding and mentally exhausting with the advancement of the disease. Its equally important to make sure your loved one has appropriate clothing designed specifically for people with dementia. 

Dressing is such a challenging event, it may be tempting at times to let your loved one go a day or two without changing clothes. Changing is necessary with optimal personal hygiene. Where undergarments are concerned, frequent 
changing helps prevent urinary tract and 
other infections and improves overall hygiene.

Select Alzheimers- friendly clothing

Making sure your loved one has the appropriate clothing may mean getting rid of some of the existing wardrobe.

Here are some tips to help you make the right selections:

- Bath capes and non slip shoes can be helpful for Alzheimer patients
- Tops that fasten in the front rather than pull over the head
- Look for shirts, sweaters, jackets with Velcro fasteners, you could sew these onto any existing clothing if it's difficult to find
- Socks should be snug not tight and -no skid- variety is ideal
- Shoes without laces are much easier to slip on and off
- Consider clothing that fastens in the back if repeated disrobing becomes an issue

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